Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm dreaming of a new scrapbook room

I'm dreaming of a new scrapbook room,

just like the one I saw in magazines.

With white shelving units and wire paper racks

to hold my multitude of stuff.

Aaron and Jenna are keeping me true to my word. After dinner we went to buy a dryer and a new upright freezer (to make room in the new scrapbook room for our things.) Can't afford to start from scratch so they helped me move most of my white shelving units down. Still need to move the computer desk, table, and wire paper racks down but will leave that til tomorrow. Its already after 10 pm.

The room is a little bigger and a different configuration so we will be able to have more than one person sit at the table to work. Just have to pick up an area carpet to keep our toes warm and we will be happy.

Already have the bedding for the bunk beds that are going in the old scrapbook room and will pick up a can of paint tomorrow so we can paint on the weekend and get the spare bedroom ready for guests on Friday. My dryer and freezer will be delivered then too so I be a happy girl.

Arthur says if I spend more time down there he will spend more time working in the tool room to reclaim the floor. Then I will really be able to do a happy dance.