Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some New Layouts

A few new ideas I got from Memories on Main. The first one
is a kit by My Mind's Eye

The left side is a scraplift of a store sample and the right one is one I saved from a magazine.
I'm working on a title on with my Wishblade

This third one is a scraplift of one of Sue's layouts. Still need to
cut out Birthday girl. Haven't decided what font yet.
This last one is a scraplift of Carolyn's scraplift of a Ninabrook Layout.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have a Part time job in Scrapbook Store

For the next little while I'll be working at Memories on Main St. on a part time basis. This week I work Tues. to Thurs. 10-2:30 and next week Tues. -Fri. from 10-2:30. This week Sue is having an anniversary sale with 40% off everything except Bazzill cardstock, bling, scallops and magazines. She has a crop area too so if you would like to stop and crop come on in.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Heart Boxes

Found the directions and template for these cute heart shaped boxes at
I modified them to be cut by my Wishblade and cut 2 different sizes.
Password is happy2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Found another Gerrie

I was doing my blog reading today and came across a note that Gerrie had posted a comment. I hadn't so went to investigate. I found another Gerrie and checked out her blog. I fired off an email and she emailed me back. Its pretty weird seeing someone else with the same name. Not too many of us out there.

Struggled with this one.

I struggled with this one. It did not turn out as I had envisioned it when I set out. I started by stamping and embossing the swirl from Baroque Motifs in red on red cardstock. Then tried stamping and embossing on white vellum. It just got lost when I placed it over the background piece. I ended up putting a piece of white cardstock with torn and embossed edges behind the vellum. Scan doesn't show the vellum but it is still there. Its ok but I couldn't find the right ribbon in my stash.

Jenna is 10

And it is a sweet life. Jenna was showered with Webkins, DS games, clothing and money.
Ahhh to be 10 again.

Just hanging out!

Exhausted after a weekend of partying, Kally is hanging out with friends in Aaron's room. Away from the hustle and bustle.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pyjama Party with Jenna and Friends

Oh my, It's only beginning. My 10 year old is having a sleepover for her birthday. I thought I had them all tucked into bed and asleep by 11:30 so I went to bed. At 2 am I hear them up. Go downstairs and find all 5 of them up and in the craft room. They sheepishly tell me they can't sleep. I sent them back to bed in no uncertain terms and told them if they didn't go to sleep I'd be cranky and grumpy in the morning.
I'm not quite sure what concerns me more. Them up at 2 or having 5 of them in the craft room which took me days to organize. I'm not even taking a look til the morning.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scrapping in Arkona

Spent the day scrapbooking in Arkona. Eliz provided the paper and we participated in Cyndi's sketch challenge . Thanks Heather for directing us to it.
Here is my version. And yes the upside down D was an accident but works for the page.
Since it was such a beautiful day we made the quick trip to Canada's "Other Falls" at Rock Glen in Arkona, Ontario to get some winter shots.

Thanks Eliz for a lovely time.

Eliz and Lizz (my stamping buddies)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why we love Tim Horton's

I have a couple of friends who rescue me with a Tim Horton's coffee and I just received a couple of coffees from friends on Facebook. It reminded me of the Tim Horton's commercials they had last year about why we love Tim Hortons. Well we have our own story.
1) Just after Aaron was born, I was accepted into the Social Work Program at Kings College in London. Great. The only thing was we were living in Windsor. So every Sunday evening I would pack up my little one and head for my parent's house in London, and every Friday after school I would pick Aaron up and head the other way. Invariably before we got home we'd have to stop at Timmy's because he was hungry. Fortunately for me he loved the cream of broccoli soup so we shared a bowl.
2) He always fell asleep in the car so if he was being cranky in the evening I would drive from home along Riverside drive to a drive through Timmy's the right distance from home to have him fall asleep. I would have my coffee and then by the time I got home we were both nice and calm.
3) This same trick worked for Jenna and was a life saver for me.
4) We only had 1 vehicle so in order for me to have the car I would have to drive Arthur to work
It was 1/2 hour away and when Aaron was toilet training we had to stop on the way home so he could go to the bathroom. I remember coming home from my sisters' house with my parents and Aaron had to go to the bathroom. Oma told him we'd be home in a couple of minutes. He told her no. He had to go at Tim Hortons.
5) Now Jenna is turning 10 and we still love Tim Horton's. There is never any hesitation when I ask them if they want to go for coffee. Their favourite lunch out is a bagel.
6) When Arthur is working nights we go for coffee after the kids go to school and that is our time to catch up on things that are going on.
7) What's better than a cup of hot coffee!
So thanks girls for the coffees and I'll just have to scrapbook them.

Someone else is on the same wavelength. Check out this post at Splitcoaststampers for
Jeanne's Timbit box template. It's a cute gable box.

Craft room update

Closetful of Stamps

Overview of one wall

Other side
I've been working for days on end re-organizing our craft room. It is a small bedroom that is packed full of storage and work space. Almost every inch of it has something in it. We also have a table in here but I must admit, usually I drag what I need to the kitchen table to work on. If I had it to do over again all the storage units would match for for now, I know where everything is.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jenna's party invitations

Jenna had fun at Heather's kid's class today. She used her new stamp set to create her party invitations.
Paper, stamps, inks, markers, scallop square punch, a few gems and clear paper glaze created a look she was happy with.

A Touch of Dutch (Wishblade/Silhouette file)

This is the last layout of this year's Christmas Celebrations so my Christmas album which I started 3 years ago is up to date.
The Dutch comes out in us in December when we celebrate Sinterklaas. This is probably as Dutch as my children can get. I remember going to the Dutch Canadian Society of London's St. Nick party as a child and my children continue the tradition. This year Oma and Opa were away on a cruise but Aaron and Jenna wanted to go. Every year Sinterklaas and his helpers, who throw candy to eager children, are ushered in by the Dykehoppers band playing Sinterklaas Kapoentje.
Chocolate initials are also an integral part of our traditions. This year a mouse enjoyed my niece Lauren's "L" before she had a chance to.
My children do not understand the Dutch language but this little bit of Dutch culture will stick with them for the rest of their lives.
A Touch of Dutch .gsd file available by clicking on Gerrie's .gsd files link in sidebar.
Password is happy2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow fall

This is one of the 3 layouts we did at Lizz's last night. Just love the colours.

I'm hooked

Went to a stamping layout class at Lizz's last night. She had a lovely surprise waiting for us.

A valentine pail filled with cardstock swatches and cherry kisses. They are yummy.
Thanks Lizz for a lovely evening. I'll post the layouts a little later.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friends layout

For something a little different for a back to school layout I wanted to focus on what Jenna missed the most about school over the summer. Here friends. It was a class kit from a convention I went to. Sorry I can't remember who to give credit to. Paper is by Junkitz.

Exciting morning!

We had an interesting morning. I heard a squeal of tires and looked out to see a blue car on our lawn heading towards the tree and narrowly, I mean by inches missing a car parked in the neighbour's driveway. Apparently a car backed out of the driveway across the street. A blue car which from the sounds of it was going too fast had to go between the lady backing out and a van coming the other direction. The blue car drove across our driveway, lawn and narrowly, I mean by inches, missed a parked car in the neighbour's driveway. The driver of the blue car turned the car around to chase the driver of the car who pulled out in front of him. The crossing guard said he was inches from her bumper and honked the horn. She didn't stop so he pulled along side of her.
He came back to apologize for tearing up our lawn. I told him I was more concerned with the kids walking along the street on their way to school. I checked on a teenager who was walking to see that she was ok.
When it happened all my 11 year old could say was "street racing".
Thank goodness no one was hurt.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bedroom makeover

It was time for a bedroom makeover. I've been looking at the comforter set at Great Canadian Super Stores for a while now. It was still there after Christmas so I took it as a sign that it had to be mine. Found suede curtains in almost the same colour to match at Giant Tiger. Aaron and Arthur hung the curtains and Jenna helped me vaccuum the room. I love the effect.
Aaron and Jenna folded back the comforter and put the pillows just right.
A perfect room for dad to recuperate in.

Where did the weekend go?

Its already time to make dinner on Sunday evening. Where did the weekend go? I had all these intentions but still have to list of things I wanted to do. Oh well, I'll be tied to home for a little while.
Arthur's having day surgery tomorrow and will be home recuperating. Maybe I'll get some more organizing done and then I can do some creating.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Costco finds

We were supposed to be scrapbooking today but Lizz saw these at Costco on the weekend and so we decided we needed to take a road trip into London to see if we could find some. So glad we did. Had so much fun spending our scrapping budgets.
We each bought at least 1 iris cart, a different package of handmade 12" papers to share and 2 leather scrapbook albums. I also bought a 300 pack of K&Company designer paper.
That will keep me busy for a while.
Lizz treated us to lunch at Swiss Chalet.
Thanks so much. It was just what the Dr. ordered.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Working on my own version of BoBunny's LOVE chipboard word book

I cut my own version of BoBunny Press "LOVE" chipboard book out of cardstock and 2 layers of patterned paper for each page. With my Wishblade I was able to put 1 of the sheets of patterned paper on the cutter patterned side down so that it would fit the back of the letter as perfectly as the one I cut for the front of the letter. Didn't have to cut it at all. To get some added stiffness for each letter because I am not using chipboard, I put a layer of mat Modge Podge on each side of the book. I bound it using a coil binding and my Bind It All. Just waiting for some photos that I am having printed in Sepia and I'll be able to finish it off tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Altered Planner

I purchased a Mead 5 1/2 x 8" 2008 page a day planner (with a mauve vinyl cover of course) and was disapointed to find it did not have a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month. Julie to the rescue. I found her daytimer pages a couple of days ago and had a brainwave.

I modified Julie's pages slightly so that they had Canadian holidays on them.
Carefully opened up the coil binding on my day planner.
Measured the pages and cut the monthly ones to fit.
Punched the holes in the appropriate place using my Crop-o-dile to go through all the new pages at once.
Placed the new pages where they needed to go.
I also added pages for addresses and one for birthdays and anniversaries.
Then I had another brainwave. What if I put the covers in a 12 x 12" page protector.
Punched holes in the appropriate place.
I could then personalize the cover and change it with the seasons. I carefully put it all back together using my bind it all to re-close the coil binding.
Then all I needed was tabs for each month so I used my Stampin Up tab punch and added them.
Just need to create my cover page to slip between the page protector and the original cover and I have an altered planner that is a little more interesting than the usual.
I still have to decorate my cover pages and will add photos when I do.

A different twist on the chipboard coaster calendar

Here is a different twist on the chipboard coaster calendar Nice Job
or for an English version

Monday, January 7, 2008

Canadian Holidays Daytimer Pages

Julie created a great daytimer page file. She also has great Address directory, Birthday/Anniversary reminder, Project Sheet, & Thoughts page to go with them.

I changed the Daytimer calendar pages to include the Canadian holidays instead of American ones. and added it to her thread at Splitcoaststampers at: for the .doc file and for the .pdf file.

If you don't want to set up an account you can also download them here.
password is happy2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008

2009 version of 4 x 4" calendar for chipboard coasters.

Here is my 2009 version of the calendar pages from

I modified them for 2009 and put them in a 4 to a page format so it would be easier to print.

or you can download them here: password is happy2008
ps: thanks Eliz for catching the missing Sept. for me.

Christmas Kitty Wishblade/Silhouette

Here is another Wishblade/Silhouette file I did for a layout of our
Christmas Kitty. It is available at the link on the sidebar for Gerrie's .gsd files.
The layout was inspired by one by Ninabrook Designs. More of their layouts can be found at
To get the mottled effect for our Calico cat's fur I scrunched up part of a plastic grocery bag, got some ink from an orange ink pad and applied it to the beige cutout. I repeated with a different part of the bag with black ink and then again with white. (sorry about the quality of the picture)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Not much happening on the creating front

I haven't been very successful on the creating front the last few days. Life is sort of getting in the way but with any luck things will be on a more even keel when the kids are back in school, my job search continues and my husband's impending surgery is over. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate a beach chair and palm tree into my beachy bathroom decor. If I can't escape to the sunny south at least let me escape to my sunny north and pretend I'm feeling gentle warm breezes. AHHHH Calgon take me away!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I have in my hot little hands...

I have in my hot little hands the new Stampin Up Catalogue. Thanks Lizz. Already started my wish list. Nice project ideas in this one.

Another layout from yesterday's scrapping

Haven't totally decided on the title yet so I didn't add one yet.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Scrapping Day today.

My friend Carolyn was over this afternoon and we spent the time scrapbooking. Here is one of the layouts I did. Notice the Magic Reindeer Container actually used on a page.

Happy New Year 2008 gsd file for Wishblade/Silhouette/Craft Robo

Just created a Happy New Year 2008 file using my Wishblade. This is the first time I combined a dingbat with a ttfont. I'm trying out a file sharing site so that you can downloaded the .gsd file at


Password is happy2008

Files previously shown in my blog are now avaiable for download at the link I added on the sidebar for Gerrie's .gsd files.
Password is happy2008