Sunday, November 17, 2013

My house is covered in glitter.

Have been feeling a little blue the last few days.   Had yet another death in the family so decided it was time to do something creative.

This tree is not new but I really liked the one Nicole did for our Treats and Treasures at work.  I didn't win it so decided to make my own for my office..
Used 6 wire coat hangers as the frame, a set of 100 mini lights, a green garland, a pink garland and silver ornaments to complete my look.
Then because all my other decorations are in traditional colours, I needed something to go with my tree.
I found a wreath frame with silver garland at Dollarama, picked up some ornaments and set to work.
My daughter banned me from using the glue gun as in the first few minutes I had blisters from the hot glue. Anyway we had fun together.