Saturday, December 29, 2012

Approaching the end of 2012

As we approach the end of 2012, I can almost say we made it through.  There were many rocky moments along the way but with the love of family and friends we have survived! 
Following our life altering tragic accident in September 2011 which took the life of our Mum and Granny,  and my dad's fall in December 2011, which brought the reality of Lewy Body Dementia and its effects into focus, there were many pieces of life that had to be put back together.  We have had to sort out our new reality and although there are many things we would like to have had different, there are reminders all around us that we can't go on without the love of those that we find supportive. I have been reminded it is often the little things like  a card, " I love you mom", or "I'm so glad to see you"  that make it all worthwhile.
Our extended family continue to stay close and see each other as often as we can.   I must admit friends have been neglected as we struggle with trying to maintain some sort of equilibrium and that is something I would like to change in 2013.   I know many of them face their own struggles and challenges and I have not been as supportive as I would have liked.
Arthur started a new job and I returned to work after we recuperated from our injuries.  Aaron spent a month of the summer in Kenya helping build the foundation of a hospital addition.   Jenna started high school and is enjoying it.
We have many things to look forward to in the coming year and so many wonderful people to share it with.  Here's hoping you find comfort and happiness in 2013.