Thursday, June 28, 2007

Had an Awesome first day of summer

We had an awesome first day of summer. A friend invited us to join her at the Brain Injury Awareness Day held at East Park Golf Gardens in London. The kids played a round of mini golf and then spent the afternoon playing on the water slides. The weather was perfect. We had such a good time.
We also had the kids fitted for new bicycle helmets they were giving away for a donation.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Couple of cards using my Wishblade

We are losing both our Principal and Vice Principal this year so I made a couple of cards using my Wishblade and downloaded files. I just love the intricate cuts. If only I could learn how to design stuff this beautiful.

Finished Stamp/Scrap Day Layouts

I know its been a long time coming but here are a couple of Stamp/Scrap Day Layouts I finished up last night. The sentiment is one Deb used on a layout for the store.
The St Thomas Air Show one worked well with the colours in Jenna's shirt

Teacher's gift card holder

I spent hours playing with a gift card holder for this year's Teacher's gifts. We bought cards from Chapters Book Stores. {Aaron wants to insist his teacher buy something for herself and not the class with it.}After several attempts I decided to use the Hidden message slider format
with an oval card holder as seen in to show the apple and book on the gift card.
This card it way too thick to mail but I'm please with the results. The greetings on the card were done using some $1.50 acrylic stamps from Michaels. The doodle style of the words match the flower and the Basic Grey patterned paper I used.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I love a challenge

As some of you already know I love a scrapbook challenge so my friend Eliz called me with one this morning. She wanted a 1 page layout for 2 photos she has of a recent fire in Petrolia. I have some glitz and glitter to add to the flames. Oops I gave it to her without taking a photo of it.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

St. Thomas Air Show

Summertime and the living is easy. We got comfortable this afternoon at the St. Thomas Wings and Wheels Air Show. A little sun, a little food and a little entertainment. The aerial manoevers are just amazing. That they can control the aircraft and make it look so easy.Show. A little sun, a little food and a little entertainment. The aerial manoevers are just amazing. That they can control the aircraft and make it look so easy.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Favourite Summer Song

Now that summer {my favourite season of the year } is officially here I am compiling a list of all time favourite summer music. I want to make add some summer music to a MP3 player and need suggestions. I already have

Walking on Sunshine- Katrina and the Waves
Under the Boardwalk - The Drifters
Kokomo- Beach Boys
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Under the boardwalk? (added by Leeny)
Tequila Sunrise - Eagles
Pina Colada song {Escape- Rupert Holmes}
Margueritaville -Jimmy Buffet (am I sensing a theme)
Summer Lovin' - Grease
Summer in the City - Loving Spoonful
School's Out - Alice Cooper
Surfin USA - Beach Boys
Hot Fun In The Summertime- Sly and the Family Stone
Sunshine On My Shoulders - John Denver
Summer Of '69 - Bryan Adams
Brown-Eyed Girl, Van Morrison
Dancing in the Streets, Martha & the Vandellas
Locomotion, Little Eva
Seasons in the Sun- Terry Jacks

In a scrapbooking mood

I was in a scrapbooking mood last night and this

afternoon. I finished a couple of layouts I have had kicking around for a bit. The home one is a scraplift of one that Deb did for the store and the pool one is one I did when I scrapbooked in St. Thomas. The birthday one was a scraplift of 2 different layouts in the current issue of Scrapbook and Cards today. Still have to add photos to that one.
I think I only have 2 more layouts started that need photos. Both of them I did when Eliz hosted our stamp and scrap days. We are going to an air show tomorrow so will be able to complete one soon for sure.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some scrap paper cards

I was making up cards from extra kits I had at work today so continued on this evening with cards made using scraps of paper. I used the Becky Fleck card sketches at

and some strips of patterned paper and cardstock. The stamps are the $1.50 ones from Michaels.
Thanks Eliz, Ann, Cheryl and Kathy for coming in to crop today. It was nice to see you.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A New Look

We changed the screen door on the front of our house because the cat could come and go as she pleased but so could the bugs. Several people who visit regularly said it was a good thing the car was parked in the driveway. They almost didn't recognize the house. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad.

We are also redoing the bathroom just because I wanted a more energy efficient light fixture. Didn't know we were going to have to exert so much energy to redo the walls.
Jenna asked me if I was going to change everything in the house. I told her that after being here almost 8 years, we have only redone her room and Aaron's. It was time the rest of the house had a facelift too. So watch out Arthur. I've got lots of projects up my sleeve yet.

Father's Day

What could be finer than spending Father's Day with Dad:
* A warm summer afternoon.
*The kids got to go swimming at the public pool across the street.
*Then mom's best apple pie
*Family movie night watching Mrs. Doubtfire to top it off.

Major changes ahead

Some recent events have made me take a hard look at things and decide that it is now the time for some major changes in my life. I have decided that after the summer I will leave the business world of scrapbooking behind and re-enter the work force to use my education, training and skills in other avenues. We have some plans that require me to contribute more to the financial goals of our family and our children are now old enough to allow us to leave them alone for short periods of time.
Wish me luck and I will continue to maintain this blog as a creative outlet.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Arthur says he doesn't like cats but judging from the photos I'm pretty sure that Kally has won just a little bit of his heart.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good weekend so far.

Last night the Scouts went to the Delaware Speedway and invited family to come along. It was a beautiful evening to spend time together. We had a nice time. I hadn't been to the races since I was a child. We had neighbours who were involved at least 35-40 years ago. The took us a few times.
It was so nice to come home to a house that is nice and cool. We had been without air conditioning for a week and I put off calling a repair service afraid that we would have to replace the unit. Fortunately that was not the case. We needed 2 new capacitors although we had replaced one a couple of years ago. In any event it was worth a good night's sleep.
Tonight when I get home from work we will celebrate Aaron's birthday. I'll have to remember to get the camera out. I haven't taken photos in a while and want something new to scrap.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Treasure the Moment

This layout is a scraplift of a Ninabrook layout. I spent some time with a great friend at the Great Lakes Mega Meet in May. We had so much fun we are saving for next year.

Finally some pictures from the latest and greatest Basic Grey Class in Buffalo

These are still not quite finished but they are far enough along to give you the idea.

Love: My husband is not usually romantic but once in a while he will come home with a bouquet of roses when I am least expecting them. Thanks so much Arthur (sorry for the glare on the main photo)

If you haven't seen the new Bazzill Bling cardstock you are really missing out. Wonderful sheen on it. Too pretty to cover up. It was used as the main photo mat here.

Another Stamp and Scrap Day

This time it was Eliz's turn to host. She's been ready for a month with her projects. Love the Sunflower stamp. We made 2 cards, a fridge magnet and a scrapbook page. Notice how I used the fridge magnet idea as an accent to the page. Now all I have to do is add photos, a title and some journalling.
Thanks Eliz, you never disappoint us. Great lunch too!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Whole family working with paper.

I had my whole family working with paper this evening. No we weren't all making cards or scrapbooking. We were stripping wallpaper {I never liked} off the bathroom walls. Had to stop though because the boys went to cubs and it was so hot in the bathroom with 4 of us in there and the air conditioner not working the wallpaper wasn't coming off very well anymore.
Tomorrow we'll take off the mirror and finish taking off the paper behind it. Probably won't be able to get it done by the weekend but I'm sure I'll like it when we are finished. All because I wanted a more energy efficient light fixture.

I'm being spoiled this week

Wow this is turning into a nice week after all. Enjoyed last evening at Lizz's. Great stamping/scrapbook projects Lizz and Mary. Barb, thanks for sharing your ideas too. Eliz the coffee was perfect.
My rose bush is flowering. (sentimental significance*My rosebush in Windsor was in full flower when we brought Aaron home from the hospital at 5 days old)
My new bathroom light fixture has been installed. Still need to rip off that ugly wallpaper and repaint but that's ok.
My hubby is taking me out for lunch and a movie this afternoon for a belated anniversary celebration. Tomorrow is a stamp/scrap day at Eliz's and Friday I'm taking Carolyn out for her birthday lunch.
I get to spend time with all my favourite people this week. Who could wish for anything more.

I should buy a lottery ticket

I think its time to take my chances again with a lottery ticket. Friday Jenna and I won some Pearl ex as a door prize at Heather's Stamp Camp and last night I won a stamp set as a door prize at Lizz & Mary's Open House. If 3's a charm I'll have to try my luck.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scalloped circle punches

I've had my eye on those scalloped punches people are using on cards and was able to get both the giga and mega scalloped circle ones today at just outside of Kilworth. Sheila still had a good selection of them in stock. I know they've been extremely difficult to get. Her prices are awesome too. Thanks Heather for letting us know she had them in.
When we got home I showed Eliz how to do a spirelli circle {do you remember string art using nails in a board and string}and while blogsurfing this afternoon saw someone else had the same idea. Check it out! Too cool

Here is a video tutorial of the technique

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Now that's my kind of camp!

Jenna and I went to Heather's Stamp Camp last night and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Now that's my kind of camp! No bugs or smelling like Smokey the Bear. A camp where I was able to stamp with my daughter and other lovely ladies. Made 6 projects and Heather I must say Jenna's favourite was the Udderly Exhausted project. She really enjoyed what was inside the bandaid tin. My favourite was the coaster post it note holder. Thanks for changing up the papers a bit too so we didn't have exactly the same projects. Nice touch!
Jenna was talking about your kid's camp idea too and said she would like to join you.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Becky Fleck posted new page & card maps

Check out Becky Fleck's new page & card maps and samples

I need my Perfect Glue

I didn't realize how much I liked my Perfect Glue until I ran out and we didn't have any in the store. While I was at the Creating Keepsake Convention I tried several other adhesives I had in my bag. They seemed to work ok while I was there but now since the projects have been in and out of my bag and handled by others the adhesives are not holding as they should. We all have our favourite adhesives and this experience just proved what I say. Perfect Glue will glue anything.

You Are: 60% Dog, 40% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.
You're playful but not too needy. And you're friendly but careful.
And while you have your moody moments, you're too happy to stay upset for long.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Baby its cold outside

We've had a real change in the weather and even Kally is finding a comfy spot to curl up in.

CKC Classes

This was not a class but a real bargain. Lisa Bernstein's All About Me book kit was being sold at the Creating Keepsakes booth for $10. I put it together at Friday night's crop

My first class was by Card Creations: We received a box to keep our swap cards in and made 5 cards using Crate Paper, Daisy D and Cosmos Cricket papers and embellishments.
I will post photos of the swap cards in a separate post.

Finish Line scrapbooking by Stacy Julian of Simple Scrapbooks fame
Take 40 photos, 50 black embellishments, coordinating paper from Scenic Route and 2 hours to create a 6X6" scrapbook. Can't be done you say?
Here is mine. Just needed a few more minutes to put in the page protectors and put together with some left over paper and ribbon.

I Can See Clearly Now : Using transparencies and clear buttons to create lovely cards. Greetings were stamped with a specially designed stamp set from Technique Tuesday. I still have 1 card to finish up in this set.

Two separate classes from Little Black Dress Designs. The first one is literally a little black dress mini book complete with unbuttons and gems to decorate the dresses with. The second one for the guys in my life. Using rubber bumper letters covered with some heating/air conditioning metal tape. Fastened with plastic ties and washers. Where is my perfect glue when I need it. Glue dots just don't cut it.

10 X 20" Wall canvas from Quick Quotes. We had the choice to do one on children or grand children. Used their new chalk inks and papers with vellum quotes to make this wonderful wall hanging.

Lots of cool projects to finish up with photos.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Tips and tricks of the trade from CKC

I took a Latest and Greatest Basic Grey class and although the papers and techniques we used were not new to me, Shelby had some great tips.
1)When spacing your elements on your page, lay them upside down so that you can apply adhesive, turn them over and put them down where you want them.
2)When distressing do it in the air. Hold the paper in the middle, chalk or ink around 3 sides and put it down. Do the next piece. When finished then pick up the first one and ink or chalk the final edge. Less likely to get it all over your fingers.
3)When sanding. Put piece on the edge of your work surface and sand there with a coarse sanding block or nail file. To get in the middle of your chipboard letters roll up a piece of sandpaper like a toothpick or use a file specifically designed for the purpose. I bought the Basic Grey Precision file set for that purpose.
4)From the Little Black Dress class Tina taught us that hand sanitizer removes Stazon ink from your fingers. Just clean your hands with a wipe after to get the alchohol off.
5)Stacy Julian, from Simple Scrapbooks fame and author of the Big Picture says we have more photos than we can scrapbook in a lifetime so we have to be selective with those we do scrap.
Instead of getting overwhelmed about how far behind we are getting stop thinking about scrapping chronologically and work on the things that matter most. For instance we could do a book about the people we love or the places we have been.

I know, you are dying to see the photos but my camera batteries are not holding a charge. I will try to get that remedied tomorrow and post photos.

Found an Incredible Stamp/Scrapbook Store In Buffalo

We found a incredible Stamp Store with an awesome selection of stamps and scrapbook supplies. We called from our hotel room to find out the hours and were fortunate to find that they were open til 9:30 that night because of a class. Sharon the owner gave us directions and we arrived around 9pm. Man the store was busy. There were at least 15 people finishing up a terrific project and shopping. The sales people were so helpful and did not seem phased at all by the fact that it was late in the evening and they had to be at the convention first thing in the morning. She even took the time to suggest restaurant choices in the area and came outside to show us a better way to get back to the highway. If ever in the Buffalo area this store is definitely a must to see.
Here is the website

Cool finds at Creating Keepsakes Convention Vendors Faire

I was careful to buy only what what new or different and
found a few cool things at the Vendor's Faire

Infinite Wisdom stamps from Technique Tuesday.

Crate Paper Samantha Collection

and a Precision file set from Basic Grey