Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pyjama Party with Jenna and Friends

Oh my, It's only beginning. My 10 year old is having a sleepover for her birthday. I thought I had them all tucked into bed and asleep by 11:30 so I went to bed. At 2 am I hear them up. Go downstairs and find all 5 of them up and in the craft room. They sheepishly tell me they can't sleep. I sent them back to bed in no uncertain terms and told them if they didn't go to sleep I'd be cranky and grumpy in the morning.
I'm not quite sure what concerns me more. Them up at 2 or having 5 of them in the craft room which took me days to organize. I'm not even taking a look til the morning.


Anonymous said...

Did Mom get enough sleep or is she cranky and grumpy this morning. 5 kids in one room and you thought they would sleep? I only had boys and they would just now be getting to sleep, that is why mean old mom that I was, didn't let them have to many sleep overs. I needed my beauty sleep or I was a bear.

Heather Summers said...

So....what did it end up looking like??? I kept wondering on my drive home!!!