Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why we love Tim Horton's

I have a couple of friends who rescue me with a Tim Horton's coffee and I just received a couple of coffees from friends on Facebook. It reminded me of the Tim Horton's commercials they had last year about why we love Tim Hortons. Well we have our own story.
1) Just after Aaron was born, I was accepted into the Social Work Program at Kings College in London. Great. The only thing was we were living in Windsor. So every Sunday evening I would pack up my little one and head for my parent's house in London, and every Friday after school I would pick Aaron up and head the other way. Invariably before we got home we'd have to stop at Timmy's because he was hungry. Fortunately for me he loved the cream of broccoli soup so we shared a bowl.
2) He always fell asleep in the car so if he was being cranky in the evening I would drive from home along Riverside drive to a drive through Timmy's the right distance from home to have him fall asleep. I would have my coffee and then by the time I got home we were both nice and calm.
3) This same trick worked for Jenna and was a life saver for me.
4) We only had 1 vehicle so in order for me to have the car I would have to drive Arthur to work
It was 1/2 hour away and when Aaron was toilet training we had to stop on the way home so he could go to the bathroom. I remember coming home from my sisters' house with my parents and Aaron had to go to the bathroom. Oma told him we'd be home in a couple of minutes. He told her no. He had to go at Tim Hortons.
5) Now Jenna is turning 10 and we still love Tim Horton's. There is never any hesitation when I ask them if they want to go for coffee. Their favourite lunch out is a bagel.
6) When Arthur is working nights we go for coffee after the kids go to school and that is our time to catch up on things that are going on.
7) What's better than a cup of hot coffee!
So thanks girls for the coffees and I'll just have to scrapbook them.

Someone else is on the same wavelength. Check out this post at Splitcoaststampers for
Jeanne's Timbit box template. It's a cute gable box.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gerrie, for some strange reason I think you were thinking of me. Love the box. Now I would like a Ice Cap even if it has snowed all day.

Anonymous said...

Now this is a scrapbook page waiting to happen!