Saturday, February 9, 2008

This post is for my husband to read

I'm posting this here so maybe my husband will find it. Valentines and my birthday are both coming up this month and I am currently taking digital pictures with a camera that has a red and white pipecleaner wrapped around it to hold the battery compartment door closed. I dropped it and lost the plastic cover. Do you know you feel a shock if you try to hold it closed with your fingers. I guess it has something to do with touching the metal. Its also really hard to get the subject in the viewfinder and to take the photo if you are holding the batteries in.
I really would like a new Canon digital camera like my mom and Eliz have. I really would like a 6.0- 8.o MP. I can even shop around and find an awesome deal!
So please Arthur, I hope you find this post.


Gerrie said...

Arthur didn't find this in time so I had to show him my awesome deal.
A no tax event at Real Canadian Superstore the weekend of my birthday.