Friday, November 13, 2009

Reorganzing my craft room

I am in the middle of reorganizing my craft room once again and wonder why I ever started. I would like to start from scratch but that is not possible. My room is the size of a small bedroom with one large window and a closet. All of the walls are covered almost to the ceiling with stuff. There is too much in there so I can't find anything. I'm going to have to purge. I think I may donate a lot of things I don't use to my son's teacher who wants to start a card making club at lunchtime with her grade 7 and 8's.
First I cleared the punches from the over the door rack and put them on curtain rods hung on my wall behind the door. Now I can close the door and no one will know what is behind it unless I want them to.
Next I have to relocate some of the shelving that is sitting on my table taking up valuable workspace and find a spot for it all.
Its all taking much longer than I first anticipated but that seems like it is my current reality. I will show you my changes when I am happy with them but for now,
Happy crafting.


Anonymous said...

When you get done with your room please come and do mine.