Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow tires or not? That is the question

Snow tires or not? That is the question.
Its only November. As I sit here in my dark kitchen (2 feet of snow covers my skylight) and mountains of snow visible from my windows I call around and find only one place in town that has snow tires that will fit our car. Do I take them or not.
This is the first winter in years that I am working full time and will have to drive 1/2 hours both ways to work on a county highway. Although hubby is not too sure because of the expense I made an executive decision based on safety and peace of mind.
Sunday morning I will have a brand new set of snow tires on my car. ps I also checked to see my CAA membership was current and will be keeping a safety kit in my car, complete with a change of clothes and a blanket. Next thing I need to get is a car charger for my cell phone. I want to prepared for those early morning or late night drives to work.