Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Car troubles

Aren't cars wonderful when they work! But Oh such a pain when they don't.

On Monday as I was trying to leave for work the car wouldn't start. I ended up having a $35 car ride to work hoping my husband would be able to work magic, get the car started and come and pick me up after my shift. No such luck. He did have the car on a battery charger all evening and a neighbour helped him try to jump start it. It was uncooperative.

A co-worker generously offered to take me home which was way out of her way. Then to make matters worse I had to call her to come back after she dropped me off because I ironically had a set of work van keys in my pocket (although I hadn't even driven the van).

Yesterday morning CAA came to my rescue and towed the car to the dealership. I was all prepared to rent a car for the day because I had to be at work for noon. At 10:30 the mechanic from the dealership called and said the only thing they could find wrong was a loose battery connection. $38.00 later and my car is on the road again.

Fortunately it did not cost me very much except inconvenience and a good nights sleep.