Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dove Sleepover for Self Esteem

My son Aaron told me about Dove's sleepover for self esteem. He heard about it on YTV. He told me its important for every girl to like themselves just the way they are.
On Saturday May 2, 2009 thousands of girls will be having a sleepover for self esteem. Although its not very far away, Jenna and I are going to host our own. Aaron will be away at a birthday party of his own so its perfect. We can have a girls night. I'm sure Arthur won't mind because its for a good cause.
We will be working on invitations and the decorations over the next few days and will post what we come up with.
We'd like to challenge you to participate in your own way!


Anonymous said...

Sleepovers have always been about building self esteem, by making fun of the unpopular girls who weren't invited!