Monday, February 22, 2010

Computers Ughh!

My husband is a Star Trek fan and all I can think of is Captain Picard saying "Make it so". Easier said than done.
The intention was simple. Update our compter that runs our wireless network (it was way to slow) by replacing it with an off lease computer. 3 hours on the phone with a tech to get the wireless network working properly (Ive done this before so know how to do it. Things just didn't work the way they were supposed to.
I had to have Windows XP on the computer to run the software for my digital cutter. (By helping a blog reader get the file she needed to have her software run the old Blue Wishblade, I discovered that the new software Ibought will run on Windows Vista too.)
Then Aaron bought the compuer game "Battlefield 2" with a gift card he had received. Problem, the video card did not support the game. Solution: new video card. Simple right? not. The video card we bought used too much power so the computer could not run the card and the computer at the same time. Solution: take the card back. Simple right" not! They did not have another one so I could get a store credit (although they sold me the card saying it would work in the computer in the first place. Their mistake right?). I left the computer there and asked them to either get a power source that would work or a video card that would work.
Aaron and I picked up the computer today (driving through the snow through rush hour traffic) only to find that the comptuer would not power up. We changed the power cord. No luck. Called the service tech and he suggested we bring the computer back in because it was working before we picked it up. That would be trip #4 into London and back but if that's what it took, it would have to be. One last try. Use a different outlet on our surge protector. Now Aaron is riveted to the computer screen.
Computer $149.00
Monitor 89.00
Video card 89.95
Installation 29.99
Gas and Mileage ???????????
Hug and "Thank You Mom" priceless!