Monday, May 4, 2009

Not 1 hovercraft but 2

I know I posted on Saturday that Aaron and my dad made a hovercraft for a school project. Well, Aaron called his project partner to see if he had his method for the display board. Eric had not been able to complete his hovercraft because everyone told him it would not work so I think he gave up. In any event, Eric rode his bicycle brought his wood and plastic over on his bike and in the matter of a little more than an hour, not only did we have Aaron's hovercraft but Eric had his working. We did not have a video camera to record the 2nd effort but took lots of picture and took some video using my digital camera.
The video has been edited and is being burned onto a DVD for play as a continuous loop for the science fair display as I blog surf.
Pretty Cool! I hope I get some pictures of the boys, the hovercraft and the display board. I'll post them if I do. (the videos of Eric on his hovercraft are all sideways so this one is of Aaron's working


Anonymous said...

Way to go Boys, job well done.