Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where did the day go?

I know it was National Scrapbook Day today and I was bound and determined to do something creative.
First thing this morning, I had to take my husband to Scout Camp which was a 2 hour round trip.
Then another hour round trip into London to have my dad help Aaron make a hovercraft for his science fair project (which for the record I felt was too ambitious a project). We used my mom's video camera to film the process and edited it when we got home. He still has his display board to do but I am more comfortable with his progress today than I was last night.
Then promptly at 5 pm, Jenna's friends arrived for our Dove Self Esteem Sleepover. The girls had fun.
While they were watching their movie and painting their nails I was able to sneak into my craft room and come up with a card. I will post it in the morning. Right now the stickles have to dry before I can cut out my main image.


Anonymous said...

I hope you and all the girls have had a fun evening. Can't wait to see this card. I got my suit case out this is as far as I got today.